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WE made History Denver!

Thanks to the support of people like you our campaign has qualified to be placed on the 2023 April Municipal ballot! It is such an honor to give people the chance to vote for someone who will fight to get poverty off our streets and a home for every person. While I was on my bullhorn during the MLK Marade I was proud to see that my words pulled people off the sidelines and into marching with our group. I know that we can build a movement that will amplify the voices of regular people desperate for change in Denver.

Thank you for your endorsement, Julie! I am proud to have the support of such a strong advocate for public education.

There will be one final Denver screening of The Holly documentary before its February 3rd theatrical and streaming on-demand TV premier. You can catch this free screening of The Holly and a conversation about gang violence in NE Denver co-hosted by History Colorado and the Colorado NAACP on January 28th at 1:00pm at the History Colorado Center 1200 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203.

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