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The message of "Housing First and Housing For All" is reaching households across Denver!

Last Thursday night at Regis University, I participated in the CBS 4 Mayoral Forum and my message of how we will Save Our City was streamed to tens of thousands of people across this city. The response from regular people who believe housing is a human right has been incredible, leaving my team and I scrambling to answer all the inquires from people wanting change and media wanting to hear greater detail on this plan. This Thursday night 9News is hosting another televised debate from the Auraria Campus, meaning I will once-again have the opportunity to share this revolutionary solution to our housing crisis. 9News asked detailed questions regarding city policy and provided space to submit my official policy position as a pre-forum formality . I would like to share this policy with you today.

This revolutionary housing policy will create housing for all, get poverty off our streets, provide service to the unbanked, make our community safer, and keep the profits of our investments fueling Denver's growth instead of lining the pockets of big banks and billionaires. Please, share my plan to Save Our City with your friends and family to let them know there is a leader with real solutions to Denver's problems.

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