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The Holly has won Colorado Book of the Year!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Get your copy of Colorado history today!

This past Saturday, June 25th I was in attendance at the Colorado Book awards asThe Holly: Five Bullets, One Gun, and the Struggle to Save an American Neighborhood received the 2022 Colorado General Nonfiction Book of the Year Award! I cannot express the gratitude I feel seeing the story of my life and my community reach so many people and receive so much positive feedback. It was a surreal and incredible experience I will never forget; watching the book receive the recognition it deserves for the hard-truths it revealed regarding gentrification, community organizing, and dangerous practices happening under the Denver Police Department and the City of Denver's watch.

I want to spread the message of The Holly to all Denver residents and make everyone aware of what we are all up against and know that there are still leaders fighting for material change in our city. Order today throughthis donation form and get your copy of the The Holly: Five Bullets, One Gun, and the Struggle to Save an American Neighborhood for a minimum donation of $10. Any donation of $10 or more will receive a choice of either the hardcover or audio version of the book. Your donation will go towards our campaign to Save Our City and if you are a Denver resident your donation will be matched 9 times. This means a $10 donation from a Denver resident would be matched with $90 in public financing dollars. Every time a book is purchased through this link it spreads our message and strengthens our campaign, so please send the donation link to your Denver friends and family. Thank you!

Purchase your own Terrance Roberts for Mayor Save Our City Campaign t-shirt here!

Get involved with the campaign:

This campaign needs your help to get our message out about the solutions that will Save Our City!

  • Check out the website and stay updated with the campaign.

  • Make a donation of $5 or more and help me qualify for the Denver Fair Elections Fund.

  • Commit to hosting a house party for Terrance and introduce him to your friends and neighbors. Sign up here and in the message field write "house party." We will follow up for further details.

Thank you for your support!

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