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Thank you for your support at Juneteenth!

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Thank you for all your support at Juneteenth!

It was an incredible experience showing up to the Juneteenth Parade surrounded by my friends, family, and supporters who know that together we can Save Our City! I cannot thank everyone enough for this strong show of support on June 18th spreading the message of our campaign to fundamentally change politics.


his week our campaign is focused on coalition building, fundraising for the upcoming campaign finance deadline, and getting ready for the31st Annual Colorado Book Awards. The Holly: Five Bullets, One Gun, and the Struggle to Save an American Neighborhood by Julian Rubinsteinis a finalist in the category of general nonfiction. I am so excited that my life's story and the history of our community has been shared all around the country and is getting so much praise back here at home. A few weeks ago, the documentary adaptation of the book premiered at the 2022 Mountain Film Festival in Telluride, CO and won theAudience Choice Award! Hopefully the documentary will premier for the general public this year and get our story out to the entire world.

The book and the documentary are doing an excellent job getting the word out about my story and our community, but I need your help to spread the message of how together we can Save Our City. We have a June 30th campaign finance deadline looming and I am asking for your donation to help us gain momentum heading into the next reporting period. Even if you only have $5 to spare, your donation will be matched 9 times by the Fair Elections Fund once we meet the 250 local donation threshold; meaning a $5 donation would net the campaign a $50 donation. This public financing option gives our campaign the ability to compete with the campaigns backed by special-interests and dark money groups that inevitably dominate every major election.Please donate today and help amplify a voice for change!

Get involved with the campaign:

This campaign needs your help to get our message out about the solutions that will Save Our City!

  • Check out the website and stay informed on the campaign.

  • Make a donation of $5 or more and help me qualify for the Denver Fair Elections Fund.

  • Commit to hosting a house party for Terrance and introduce him to your friends and neighbors. Sign up here and in the message field write "house party." We will follow up for further details.

Thank you for your support!

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