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Thank you for the incredible fundraising bump!

Thank you for your help! We are on our way to qualifying for the Fair Elections Fund.

Please make a donation today to help our grassroots campaign qualify for the Denver Fair Elections Fund.

Last week, the City of Denver decided to ban food trucks between 19th and 20th on Blake Street, 19th and 21st on Market Street, and 20th and 21st on Larimer Street in LoDo. This was done in response to the Denver Police Department accidentally committing a mass shooting on the general public in LoDo when a person in possession of a gun allegedly pointed it at them. Hurting small businesses and discouraging a healthy nightlife downtown is not the answer to making the city safer. Ultimately, we need to focus on getting everyone off the street by ending homelessness. Immediately, we could make downtown safer by pushing closing times back until 4 am; easing congestion and encouraging more business. Also, the Denver Police Department must review its culture, use of force policy, and the officers involved. There need to be repercussions for the police that committed the mass shooting instead of just shifting the blame to local businesses.

Jeff Fard reported flooding across Denver over the weekend, including on Colorado Boulevard and in the new I-70 underpass. CDOT and our current Mayor fought the community-led Ditch the Ditch coalition's idea for a parkway boulevard with the reasoning that the city's plan would prevent flooding in the very areas that experienced the worst of it during the most recent storm. This infrastructure blunder could have been avoided if our Mayor had listened to the input of his community and as our next Mayor I will always prioritize the lived experience of my community over the agenda of bureaucrats.

Crime will not be deterred by banning food trucks downtown and we learned that flooding will not be prevented by the city forcing infrastructure projects that don't fit the community. We need a city that is responsive to residents' needs instead of a city on autopilot to accomplish its own agenda. We can Save Our City by taking Denver in a new direction focused on ending homelessness, getting desperate people off the street, and listening to the lived experiences of our community members to guide city projects. Thank you for your support. Together we will Save Our City.

*Photos by Brother Jeff Fard

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