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Mid-July Update

Thank you for joining us in Cheesman Park. Our campaign continues to gain momentum due to your support!

We had a wonderful time at Cheesman Park this past Saturday meeting our Cap Hill neighbors and spreading our message that we can Save Our City. This community building is essential to the success of our campaign. When we get out in our community and meet our neighbors we create the power for real tangible change. Many people have been shut off from the idea that change is possible because national and statewide politics and media have turned so cynical, partisan, and extreme. When we turn off our televisions and get out in our communities and interact with one another we are affirmed that everyone wants to live in a safe, prosperous, and fair society. We find out that the vast majority of our neighbors regardless of their political affiliation or self-identification are facing the same problems the rest of us do and that the solutions to those problems already exist on this planet right now. Everyone deserves a home to sleep in at night. Every person deserves to live in a safe community free from the fear of being gunned down by criminals or police alike. Every person believes our government should be transparent, responsive, and democratic. These values are nearly ubiquitous across ideologies and identities and the more we share these common values the greater power we build to create material change for regular people in Denver. You may have been getting these emails and feel intrigued to learn more but desire to meet me in a casual setting. We have one final community event in July at City Park Jazz on the 31st at 6:00 pm. Please come join us for music from The Jakarta Band as we relax, play games, and spread our message to more of our neighbors. If you have questions about the campaign or how we will Save Our City please keep an eye out for our banner and come talk with me. You can catch me on Brother Jeff's show on Facebook Thursday the 28th at 2:00 pm talking about the Denver Police Department. The last time I went live with Brother Jeff we had an incredible conversation that lasted over two hours and I have no doubt this time will be just as captivating. Thank you for your support, together we will Save Our City!

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