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I walked West Colfax to get feedback from our neighbors.

Thank you for your help! We are on our way to qualifying for the Fair Elections Fund.

The campaign to Save Our City walked West Colfax last week.

Last Friday my campaign staff and I took to walking West Colfax to meet our neighbors and small businesses along the longest street in the United States. It was a hot day meeting business owners, commuters, and our unhoused neighbors looking for feedback and solutions that will Save Our City. Businesses need customers to feel safe to enjoy our city, residents need a safe neighborhood to live in, and Denver's unhoused need a place to sleep at night. We can do what is best for business and what is best for humanity by putting forth a legitimate effort to end homelessness in Denver. Nobody wants to go shopping or go hang out with friends at a brewery if they have to step over their neighbors, struggling to survive to get there. We don't have to choose between thriving local businesses and a housing for all policy; we can have both because one complements the other. We can Save Our City by providing solutions that will make the nation's longest street safer and hospitable for residents and small businesses.

Thank you for your support.

Together we will Save Our City.

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