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I am proposing real solutions to Save Our City.

Please donate today and help me tell every voter about our solutions to Save Our City!

A public banking system can retain Denver's economic growth, provide service to the unbanked and fund community land trust housing that will end this housing crisis. This solution is foundational to creating a city that is sustainable and inclusive for all.

Check out the policy reels I have been releasing on social media and keep an eye out for our bus stop advertisements coming out in December. You can find them at the cross streets of Larimer and 24th, Tower and 56th, Alameda and Colorado, 38th and Wolfe, Broadway and Mississippi and at Wynkoop and Washington.

Last week we gathered with our family and friends to give thanks for all we cherish; but for many of us it was overshadowed by the senseless violence at the Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs. The targeting of the LGBTQIA community was the logical extension of a years worth of "trans-panic" pushed by right wing provocateurs and legislators to smear all LGBTQIA people as "groomers" for simply existing. Bigots are attempting to intimidate our friends and family back into the shadows purely to push a reactionary election strategy that didn't work in the midterms. While I am doubtful that any candidates running in our upcoming election will be pushing these lies it is extremely important that we all push back against and call out their hateful rhetoric when we hear it. Please stay safe and check in on your LGBTQIA friends and family so they know you have their back.

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