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Denver Fair Elections Fund

With just $5 we can amplify our message and win this campaign by qualifying for the Denver Fair Elections Fund.

In 2017 a small group of dedicated activists with Clean Slate Now wrote and printed a municipal campaign-finance reform ballot measure at the Ford-Warren Library and petitioned on the streets to get over 7,000 signatures to get it on the ballot. The issue was brought to the voters as 2E: The Democracy for the People initiative on the 2018 ballot and it was overwhelmingly passed by Denver residents with nearly 71% of the vote. This initiative created the Denver Fair Elections Fund that gives grassroots campaigns like ours the chance to compete with the corporate dark-money that always influences our elections in favor of monied interests at the expense of regular people. Our campaign can be eligible for fund matching that will multiply up to $50 of a Denver resident's donation 9 times! This means a Denver resident's donation of $50 would turn into a $500 donation after the $450 Fair Elections Fund match. In order to access this powerful tool I need 250 donations of at least $5 from Denver residents to qualify for the Denver Fair Elections Fund.

Please make a donation today to help our grassroots campaign qualify for the Denver Fair Elections Fund.

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