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My name is Terrance Roberts and with your help, we will Save Our City!

Corporate greed has driven Denver into a housing crisis that has put us on the brink of a public safety crisis. Our leaders have prioritized the profits of multinational corporations and billionaires over the safety of our families. Denver needs a leader that will advocate for the material interests of our poor, disenfranchised, and working class. I am that leader and with your support, we will Save Our City!

We have qualified for the Denver Fair Elections Fund, meaning our grassroots campaign now gets matching funds for the first $50 of donations from Denver residents. This gives our campaign the ability to compete with big money campaigns that are funded by the landlords, developers, billionaires and corporations that routinely buy elections. Please donate today so we have the resources to reach every voter with our message of how we will Save Our City.

Reimagining policing will Save Our City!

The everyday survival of our neighbors is intrinsically linked to our overall public safety. This housing crisis is creating a public safety crisis because homelessness, poverty, and addiction create the opportunity to victimize our most vulnerable neighbors. We must change the priorities of our police force to combat the rise in violent crime and that can only be done by reducing the crimes of desperation and poverty that police are so often preoccupied with.  The wave of deadly violence against women and children in Denver must be stopped and to do that we must reimagine the purpose of policing to focus on public safety instead of protecting private luxury. I understand the violent impacts of organized crime in Denver and have been at the forefront of gang violence prevention. I know that improving the material conditions of our most at-risk neighbors will improve our overall public safety and Save Our City!

A home for every
person will Save Our City!

Skyrocketing inequality since the pandemic has taken from the poor and working-class in our community and redistributed record profits to rich oligarchs all around the world. We must declare this housing crisis an emergency and treat it as such by creating our own robust public housing infrastructure that will declare housing a human right instead of an out-of-state investor's luxury. Ending this housing crisis and securing a stable home for every person will Save Our City!

A proven change-maker will Save Our City!

Since reforming my life over two decades ago I have devoted it to being a community organizer, anti-violence leader, and civil rights activist. My experience of advocacy has helped develop our community, divert youth from gang activity, held renegade police accountable, and even changed statewide policing policy protecting all of us to this day. Electing open-minded, visionary leaders devoted to creating change will Save Our City!

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A strong and healthy democracy will Save Our City!

Ending this crisis and preventing another requires strengthening our democracy both in our government and in our places of work. I will lead in strengthening our city's democracy by reducing the power of the Mayor's office, increasing the power of the city council, and giving our people a greater voice by reforming our elections. I will also be a vocal and out-front advocate of unionization of labor across all of Denver's industries and lead the city council in allocating resources devoted to assisting labor in safely and securely democratizing their workplace. Giving people more meaningful input in their lives and in their government will Save Our City!

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