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Together We Will Save Our City!

Corporate greed has driven Denver into a housing crisis that has put us on the brink of a public safety crisis. Our leaders have prioritized the profits of multinational corporations and billionaires over the safety of our families. Denver needs a leader that will advocate for the material interests of our poor, disenfranchised, and working class.
I am that leader and with your support, we will Save Our City! 

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A proven change-maker will Save Our City!

Since reforming my life over two decades ago I have devoted it to being a community organizer, anti-violence leader, and civil rights activist. My experience of advocacy has helped develop our community, divert youth from gang activity, held renegade police accountable, and even changed statewide policing policy protecting all of us to this day. Electing open-minded, visionary leaders devoted to creating change will Save Our City
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